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  • Efi Es-2000 Very Lightly Used With Case And Full Accessory Kit Shown
  • Letterpress Font Type (18 Point Futura Italic) With California Job Case As-is
  • Efi Es-2000 Spectrophotometer With Fiery Color Profile Suite & Accessories In Case
  • X-rite Spectrodensitometer 500 Series Handheld Color Model 504 Training Cds Case
  • Letterpress Font Type (36 Point Garamond Fdry) With California Job Case As-is
  • Letterpress Furniture Case With Seen Furniture
  • Efi Es-1000 Spectrophotometer With Carrying Case Only
  • Pantone Color Guides And Case. Used Great Condition
  • Efi Es-1000 Spectrophotometer Gretag Macbeth Bundle With Carrying Case
  • Gretag Mcbeth X-rite Eye-one Uvcut Spectrophotometer In Case  (ubi13)
  • Techkon Spectrodens Spectro-densitometer With Carrying Case
  • Script Or Italics 48 Point Letterpress Printing Type Caps, Lower Case, #s Punc